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Featured Role-Play

Shards of Strei-Ar is an adventure role-play began and currently Game Mastered by Enfaru. The premise of the role-play is the discovery of creatures in an isolated caldera that exhibit unusual features namely, the ability to inhabit seemingly impervious crystalline materials. The story follows a number of individuals who found themselves drawn to this isolated part of the world and begin to find that the situation is not as peaceful as would be assumed for such an isolated place.

The title of the role-play refers directly to the object or objects that the creatures inhabit known as 'Shards' that seems to run through the entire caldera. These shards are part of a larger...(Full Article)

Did you know...

  • ...that The Charter of the Sovereign Charter is actually the 3rd installment of the document?
  • ...that the channel #Sovereign has existed for almost as long as the Sovereign Charter itself?
  • ...that the history of the Sovereign Charter spans two years?
  • ...that the membership of the Sovereign Charter has previously reached a height of over 120 members?

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Regional Management

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The Map of the Sovereign Charter was created during 2nd Charter as a revamp to an originally incorrectly generated map. The planet is 68% water with the remaining quantity varying between ice and land depending on the season the approximate surface area equates to 5,000,000,000km². This makes the planet significantly larger than the earth. The official map is 10,000px wide and 5,000px high, with a scale of 100km² per pixel. The projection is a custom made area preserving projection and while there is some distortion regarding land mass shape and size each hex contains the exact same amount of territory.